Details of World Time and Date Clock

world time and date clock

Cuckoo clocks aren’t mantle clocks and ought to merely be hung from a wall, so should you don’t have the correct space, you might need to reconsider your purchase. You can place the time plus not be concerned about the Sony alarm clock not automatically updating to the right time plus date. If you discover this more functional and relatively easy to use, there are lots of world clocks of this kind which one can select from on the market. This doesn’t signify a significant price, however a good and substantially reasonable example of that specific form of clock.

World clock is, in addition, thought of as world clock times. They may be sometimes known as radio controlled clocks. This clock is especially designed for those with visual impairment. During this period, those devices might begin to drift from the proper time and don’t match other device clocks that used the exact server.

Sometimes the usage of traditional clocks might be very frustrating. Most longcase clocks you’re likely to acquire today have eight-day movement. Armed with this particular knowledge about the respective clocks, go ahead, select your timekeeper to fit your interior. These clocks aren’t just well-known the commercial world however in the residential circles also.

Present Est Time Can Be Fun for Everyone

present est time

DesktopX is actually a program that allows users build their very own desktops. On top of that, it’s really simple to produce your own super-charged cursors! Tomorrow currently, they (do, also) the exact thing. Be mindful with that one!

The imparfaitis the 2nd most common past tense in French. Owen’s war isn’t music, Owen’s war isn’t a rhythmic dance. Half the city obeyed, whilst half refused. This is due to the fact that the nation’s capital and its biggest city (New York City) reside within that particular time zone.

He’s got football training three times every weekHe has football training two times a weekHe has football training one time a week 2. They’re going to ask why Marcus was sitting within the cart. They’re going to ask why Marcus is sitting within the cart. They’re easily recognized.

It truly is used to spell out an action within the past that is completed. At times, it is an expression that is followed by the subjunctive, for example il faut que. He’s relegating it to a single sphere.

DST was formally introduced in america in 1918. Today, the majority of the nation and its own territories observe DST. For countries with numerous time zones, like the United States, this delay is utilized to coordinate live broadcasts on various coasts.

Life quickly takes on a very natural rhythm. His sleep is really in progress in the present time, and will likely continue. His sleep will most likely continue. Clocks must certanly be moved back 1 hour.

First, we should identify the stem. This verb is very important to remember and will also be used extensively. Each is unique in the way that it conjugates.

Things You Should Know About Time Travel Theory Einstein

time travel theory einstein

One stubborn issue with time travel is it is riddled with different forms of paradoxes. There are lots of other affects on time that could allow for time travel, including gravity. Aside from the physics issues, time travel might also come with some special situations. In addition, humans may possibly not be able enough to withstand time travel in any respect.

The perdurantist generally seems to have a less difficult way with the issue of personal identity in time travel stories. In a feeling, this means that you have been time traveling. Fortunately there’s another strategy to travel in time. With the correct technology, like a very fast spaceship, 1 person can experience several days while somebody else simultaneously experiences just a few hours or minutes.

Time travel is among my favourite topics! It is mind-boggling to consider time travel. When that occurs, they too begin to travel in time. Unsurprisingly, time travel has ever been considered impossible.

Everything comes to the relationship between time plus space. That’s the actual reason nobody could return in time to my party. It’s been believed that some sort of connection is essential between the reason along with the effect of events. Many all-natural time travel stories use these many-worlds conceptions.

Time to go to the Bathroom

I love to collect watches and would like to continue doing this for many years to come. But I am constantly worried about my health. Not because I am in bad health, but because I worry that at 60-years-old I need to take care of myself a little better than I have. So the other day I thought to myself REWARDS. What you say, rewards?

Yes I say, rewards. I decided that for every healthy thing I did for myself over the course of two weeks I would reward myself with a watch.

What sort of things am I talking about? Things like eat a bowl of fiber a day (not keen on fiber). Drink half a gallon of water a day (hate water – fish piss in it). Walk a mile a day (I have sciatica so one mile is an Everest expedition).

But since I would be rewarded for my efforts I was determined to do it. And I did. And the watches I bought were not excessively expensive – $200 tops. But the satisfaction was worth millions. Here’s what I bought.

  1. 1966 Bulova Banker.
  2. 1958 Movada Sub Sea
  3. 1955 Favre Leuba Sea King
  4. 1953 Bulova President
  5. 1962 Sandoz

And I did something about my prostate.

The problem is as we get older our bladder relaxes more. Well it’s had a hard life and your bladder wants to retire along with you.

Recently I discovered a product that has allowed me to take a drink at 11.30pm, go to bed and only get up once during the night. That’s pretty miraculous. Prior to this I would take a drink at 11.00 am then have to get up at midnight, 1.00am, 2.00am and possibly even later to expel the liquid from my bladder. So I looked for something that would cure that. Super Beta Prostate is a dietary supplement, and it’s made with some of the best available ingredients for prostate care.


Six Of The Best – Half A Dozen Spanking Good Watches

Mark Palmer July 2, 2015 News 4 Comments

Unless you are British the first part of that headline will mean nothing to you. ‘Six Of The Best’ refers to corporal punishment in all-boy schools in Britain up to 1987. It was thankfully finally banned in the country in that year.

Corporal punishment could involve a paddle on the buttocks –  ‘Six Of The Best’, or in the case of the Jesuit College I attended in North London – the ferula. A ferula resembles the insole of a size 15 shoe, made of dense leather about 1/2″ thick.  At St. Ignatius College in Stamford Hill the ferula was administered for everything from forgetting to submit homework to telling wanking jokes within earshot of a priest or brother. And at the age of 11 wanking is no joking matter – it’s serious business.


Looks great on a black school blazer. The St. Ignatius School badge.

The ferula was was applied to the hands. And in the hands of its worst exponents it would leave you unable to write for hours. I hope that whoever invented the ferula is rotting in hell. But since I don’t believe in hell, or heaven, he or she isn’t. It’s at times like this I wish I wasn’t an atheist – for a split second. Then I come to my senses.

Alfred Hitchcock went to the same school decades before me. I think I know where he came up with some of his plots. Other notable alumni were George Martin, producer of The Beatles; Adrian Smith, one time Iron Maiden guitarist and Bernard Butler, songwriter and guitarist with Suede.

Now here’s the rub. The punishment was not administered on the spot. The action took place either at lunchtime or after the school day ended. Lucky recipients (litotes alert – ed.) would have to write on a small piece of paper known as a ‘chit’.  The layout was rote and immutable. From left to right, top to bottom:

A.M.D.G (Ad majorem dei gloriam. To the greater glory of God. The motto of the Jesuits). Next the date, then center field the number of ferulas – typically six-of the worst. Bottom left went the lucky recipient’s name and bottom right the name of the donor. The recipient would then have 24 hours to go to an assigned classroom and receive the punishment.

Wikepedia incorrectly notes in an entry about the school that “offenders were given a week to decide when they would receive their ferula, (sic) otherwise additional punishment was liable to be added.” The author must have had his memory severely jostled by too many ferulas.

Brother McGeady was one of the most generous donors of the ferula. I recall he once ‘ordered’ me six for joking around in class. Of course I ‘forgot’ to get them for 12 days. Unfortunately he remembered and added six for each of the forgotten days, for a total of 72. He relented after I received 24. Nice guy.

So why am I telling you all this? Partly as catharsis, but mainly to explain the meaning of ‘Six Of the Best.’ Which brings me to the serious business of watches. Below are six watches which I think represent exceptional value. And as always these are all watches that I would wear – yes even the ladies entry. People think I’m wearing ladies watches anyway when I sport vintage Bulova mens’ watches, so I don’t give a toss.

I am a big fan of the Discount Watchstore. They are a real brick-and-mortar shop in Milford, Connecticut. You can go through a door and actually look at watches in their showroom. They are rated A+ by the Connecticut Better Business Bureau and they are also a large presence on the internet. What’s even better is that they sell watches I like at reasonable prices.

So what do I get out of this? Full disclosure. If you buy a watch from them I get 8% commission. This site costs more than a few buck each month to host and post. But I refuse to recommend anything that I wouldn’t buy myself if I was in the market for that particular style of watch. And the 8% doesn’t come out of what you pay for the watch. I feel good about that.

So here they are, six very different watches that I think represent outstanding value for money. In alphabetical order they are:

Bulova 96A135 Men’s Grey Dial 21 Jewel Automatic.

1 watch

Style in spades. Bulova still has it.

Almost designed for the gentleman diver, this medium-sized, very solid, stainless steel encased watch shows that Bulova still has the style they established almost a century ago. 42mm across  with a lug-to-lug measurement of 48mm. The 96A135 has a fixed bezel and an oversized crown.

Like so many watches these days it has an exhibition back exposing the Japanese 21 jewel movement, and an ‘open heart’ on the dial showing the balance wheel. There’s an offset sub dial with a second hand and a 12/24-hour time function. And you can get your feet wet to the tune of 100 feet.


List price $450.
DWS Price $245.19. Includes free shipping anywhere in the US.

Hamilton H70455553 Men’s Field Khaki Automatic.

2 watch

A watch that means business. The tough military style Hamilton

Like Bulova, Hamilton have been a US watch-making icon since the late 1800’s. The Hamilton H70455553 khaki Field men’s watch is designed for serious use and some abuse. The military styling says it all. At 38mm bezel to bezel it’s on the medium-size side. The watch is powered by a Swiss made automatic movement and has an exhibition caseback. It also features a shiny silver dial with luminous hands and black Arabic numeral hour markers along with the date display at 3 o’clock. The crystal is scratch resistant sapphire. And if you’re a water sign you are good to 330ft.



List Price $575. DWS Price $431.25. Includes free shipping anywhere in the US.

Invicta 14684 Men’s Pro Diver Automatic.

3 watch

Fast and bulbous. The Invicta 14684 Dive watch is no shrinking Violet.

Fast and bulbous, like a squid in a polyethylene bag, as the incomparable Captain Beefheart once said. This watch makes its presence felt. It’s over two inches wide and 2/3″ thick.

When you compare the suggested list price and the street price you realize just how large of a mark up there is on watches – $795 versus $172.50. Is it worth $795? No, but it’s a steal at $172.50 especially when you consider that you can cavort with Octopi – or squid – down to 660 feet. An automatic Japanese movement powers this pup and hides behind a carbon fiber semi-skeleton dial.


List Price $795. DWS Price $172.50 Includes free shipping anywhere in the US

Kenneth Cole KC9374 Men’s New York Skeleton Dial.

4 watch

The skeleton comes out of the closet. The Kenneth Cole Skeleton dial.

I’m not usually a fan of foo foo watches made for fashion designers, but whoever came up with this watch got it right. This watch has a soul and a great look, right down to the skeleton back revealing a 21 jewel movement

The watch is 44mm wide and fairly deep at 13mm. It comes with a silver stainless steel bracelet.

In the unlikely event that you feel the overpowering need to wander into the water, you’re good to 160 feet. And a 45 hour power reserve means that you can leave it on the dresser for a couple of days.

BUY IT NOW List price $225. DWS Price $115.41. Includes free shipping anywhere in the US.

Orient ER24008B Men’s Bambino Automatic.

5 watch

The Orient Bambino. A most tasty timepiece.

When you think large-scale Japanese mechanical watch production you think of Seiko.  Yet Orient kicks their arse –  currently making almost 500 automatic watches to Seiko’s 70. They also make all their movements in house, and only for their own watches.

Orient watches have street prices of about $50 to more than $2,500. So there’s something here for everyone. And this is one that I would wear in a heartbeat.

The style of Orient ER24008B Bambino is classy – very 1950’s. With a rose gold ion-plated solid stainless steel case. The watch is 41mm across and 12mm deep with a lug-to-lug measurement of 46mm. The Roman numeral hour markers are discreet and a date only window adds to the classic feel. Motive power is  Orient’s in-house Japanese made 48743 automatic movement.

BUY IT NOW List price $280. DWS Price $168.20. Includes free shipping anywhere in the US.

Orient NR1Q004W Women’s Charlene Automatic.

6 watch

Elegant and be-jeweled. One for the ladies.

There aren’t many affordable women’s mechanical watches out there. Perhaps watch companies think that women want batteries to be included. Orient makes only four – but 488 mechanical watches for men. A little unbalanced perhaps?

The Charlene is the dressiest of the four. Housed in a polished steel case with a lug-to-lug measurement of 38mm, this model employs Orient’s automatic movement 55741. The hour markers are faux diamonds and the dauphine shaped hands are luminous. ‘Water Resist’, as the dial announces, to 160 feet.


List Price $235. DWS Price $125.64. Includes free shipping anywhere in the US.









Write off that Watch !

Did you know that you can write off those expensive watches you are buying IF

You’re a performer, actor, artist, DJ–and you’re buying the watches for a performance. In that case, it’s considered ‘costuming,’ and you can write it off.

Just how far can you stretch this? Well it all depends. Are you a musician? An actor,

a magician, a performance artist of any kind? Well you need to look sharp onstage, and part of that stage persona can certainly include wearing exclusive watches.  Just how much you can spend on these watches depends, but I would probably hesitate to buy a raft-load of Rolexes and think that the IRS is going to be sympathetic.

Let’s say you are an actor appearing in a 1930’s era play. You will be expected to wear a period watch. So buying a 1930’s Bulova, Waltham or Movado is certainly age appropriate. These watches will set you back between $150 and $600 in excellent condition.

11 watch

Can you spring for a Rolex and be able to write it off on your taxes. It depends. Is the part you play in the play a well-heeled man about town, a tycoon or playboy of the Western World? Well then I would consider a Rolex to be a justifiable expense. You want everything to be chronologically accurate onstage (pun intended), so it’s quite arguable that the part you play would indeed be wearing a Rolex. But unless you are playing a doctor in the play, trying to write off the dual dial 18K rose gold doctor’s watch pictured below could be a problem. This is  worth about $10,000.The IRS may look askance at such a purchase if you try to write it off. So be sensible. Think about what is reasonable and take it from there. If you find the purchase unbelievable you can be damn sure that the IRS is going to feel the same way.


A Very Brief History Of The Wristwatch

Just after World War I the New Yorker magazine reported a a strange phenomenon – men and women were starting to wear bracelets…..with clocks on them. Until this point a clock on someone’s wrist was regarded as a joke – a strange novelty. But apparently this novelty was spreading and becoming real.

How did this strange trend come about?

It originated in the trenches in World War I. Prior to the great war everyone used a pocket watch – usually a fairly bulky item that required removal from a waistcoat or jacket pocket to view. This operation was slow and distracting. You could chew gum and retrieve your pocket watch, but you certainly couldn’t do much else but chew gum.

This didn’t work in the trenches in France and Belgium when you were being bombarded with shells, or shot at. And when you were being ordered to go ‘over the top’ a euphemism for being told to get out of your trench and charge the enemy, checking the time was not really an option.

The London Times saw, two years into World War I. “The only practical way in which our troops can use a watch is on the wrist, where the time can be ascertained readily, an impossibility with the old style pocket watch.”

Improvements in communications technologies had enabled militaries to more precisely coordinate their maneuvers, and coordination required soldiers to discern the time at a glance. Rifling through your pocket for a watch was not advisable in the chaos of the trenches.

Someone – and it’s not clear who it was – modified their pocket watch with lugs top and bottom and attached a leather band. The wristwatch was born. And it stuck and spread. After the war soldiers returning home had liked the fact that could readily see the time with a glance at their wrist and they brought their habit home with them. Civilians took note and emulated them. The wristwatch took off like a rocket. The bracelet varied enormously in style. A woman’s watch could take on a plethora of bracelet styles, but they were always more elegant than the austere leather bands on men’s watches.

Within a few years pocket watches were considered old-fashioned and went the way of the dinosaur. And that dear reader is how the wristwatch came to dominate the world.

Gluing Glass to Glass – A Difficult Task Made Easy

Gluing glass to any material can be challenging, but gluing glass to glass is a real challenge. Since glass is usually at least semi-transparent any bond is likely to be quite visible. The adhesive used should be almost invisible, and with that in mind the most frequently recommended glues are:

Hot glue, super glue, silicone, epoxy and expansion glue.

And here are some of our recommendations:

Loctite 349 Impruv

This product works best on non-porous materials. It needs UV light to adhere. The sun is a good source. For best results the glass needs to be clear enough for light to pass through. Takes 1 to 3 minutes to adhere depending on the strength of UV rays.

Household Goop 

Eclectic Products cautions that if you live in the U.S. there is a different formula for Goop than in Canada. The Canadian formula contains perchloroethylene which is a known carcinogen. The U.S. Goop formula contains toluene, which although is a dangerous solvent, it is not carcinogenic. It is however more flammable. Because the Canadian standards are quite rigid regarding flammables and explosive, Eclectic replaces the toluene with perchloroethylene for the Canadian market. It seems that people who set these standards in Canada are more concerned with the dangers of fire than cancer. Whether you buy your Goop in the Us or Canada the packaging will contain the appropriate warnings. So read your product packaging, and remember perchloroethylene is the one to avoid. Household Goop takes 12 hours to adhere, 24 hours to completely cure.

Super Glue

Everyone knows how well super glue bonds our fingers – and other parts of our anatomy – together. But not many people know that during the Vietnam War US this drawback was put to good use.

Wounded Marines were bleeding to death before they could reach a field hospital. The inventor of super glue Dr. Harry Coover of Kodak heard about this and developed disposal cyanoacrylate sprays for use in the battlefield.

Medics would use it sometimes even on large wounds. The glue would form a film over the wound preventing the victim from bleeding out allowing medics to transport him to a hospital.

“This was an unusual use of the glue that I’m very proud of,” said Coover in an interview.

But back to the material in hand.  Super glue is a cyanoacrylate. It bonds in seconds through the evaporation process when in contact with air making for plenty of embarrassing situations. (See American Pie II), and is usually fairly clear. Less is more. A lot of people use far too much super glue, assuming incorrectly that if one drop is powerful, several drops will be more powerful. The fact is that the more you use the longer it takes to cure. Use a small amount and it will cure fast. And remember if you do glue anything unintended together use acetone or nail polish remover to separate them.

The 5 Second Fix 

More a liquid weld than a glue. You apply the clear gel to the items that you want to join together, and after you’re finished positioning, you use the UV light in the supplied tube to bond and cure it. As the name suggests, it only takes five seconds.

The 5 Second fix has some real advantages when joining glass as it dries clear and is invisible even on transparent items. It is flexible, paintable, and sandable too. You can easily position or reposition the items to be glued before bonding with the UV light treatment. The makers claim that The 5 Second Fix can handle temperature ranges between -40 degrees to 150 degree centigrade.

If you check out the manufacturer’s website you will see a video showing the ‘glue’ being used to join a broken stranded steel rope. After The Five Second Fix is applied to the rope it is attached to a winch in a trailer. The other end is attached to a 4,400 lb truck. The winch is turned on and the truck is successfully winched in without the rope breaking. If this is a genuine test count me impressed. I may just have to go and buy a tube for my own little projects.

Vintage and Pre-Owned Watches


With over a century’s worth of watch knowledge and experience serving numerous customers nationwide, the experts at Tourneau comprehend the decision making process of buying a watch.

Below are some recommended factors to take into account when looking for the right watch:



Every watch brand has a distinct look and feel–with a personality and motif of its own. A brand is a lot more than just a name; it is an encounter that evokes various emotions and conveys one’s status, lifestyle, and personal taste.

You should ask yourself what you’re looking for in a wristwatch. Without all the bells and whistles which will be for strictly practical purposes, consider reasonably-priced, high quality brands. At brands that have grown in value over time and so are projected to carry on to do this, look to get a long-term investment watch that you’re looking to eventually resell. For a family heirloom to be passed down for generations to come, you will want something timeless and classic, a brand known for exquisite design and craftsmanship.



Changing in size, shape, and substance, the watch case consists of bezel, a wristwatch ‘s center, and back parts. Our Tourneau specialists suggest trying as you can to find out which style appears and feels best.



In its purest form, a watch tells its wearer what time it really is. Anything more, which watch has a complication. Issues have a tendency to err toward the practical, including a dual time zone or a chronograph, though some are fundamentally romantic in nature, like a moon phase or a tourbillon. A date display is generally considered to be the most straightforward issue, along with the more complicated your watch gets, the more you’d like to know more about the calendar.

In case you’re a seasoned traveler or someone looking for day-to-day Byzantine features, travel and date complications are on the list of most useful and tasteful alternatives the watch industry has created.



A movement is what makes a watch ‘go.’ Some factors to consider are degree of precision as well as upkeep costs entailed, when determining which movement is right for you. There are two types to choose from: mechanical and quartz.

Manual and automatic movements both fall under the umbrella of “mechanical” actions, which are composed of only mechanical parts, like gears and springs. Connoisseurs and most collectors prefer manual or automatic watches as these movements represent the collection of over 600 years of expertise, refinement, and craftsmanship.

Quartz is typically the most exact kind of movement. Low in maintenance costs, these watches make use of a battery. They require periodic battery changes, complimentary for the lifetime of a watch purchased at Tourneau, and typically just need full servicing every 10-12 years.


Baume & Mercier Men’s 8731 Classima Automatic

The eye-catching elegance of the Baume & Mercier Men’s Classima Automatic Watch

Strap Watch features a clean white face with electric blue emphases for increased functionality and style. Classima Executives watches are the tradition of the watch-making know-how of Baume & Mercier. The Baume & feature a design derived from sobriety, an ancient, elegant appearance.

Baume & Mercier

Classima Executives reinterprets the watch making tradition of the brand with mechanical movements with small, useful complications and finishings that are refined. Built with a stainless steel case, the timepiece includes a round stainless steel bezel, and a brown leather wristband secured using a deployment-clasp-with-buckle.


  • Brown Leather Strap
  • Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
  • Silver Guilloche Dial ; Exhibition Caseback
  • Hours, Minutes, Seconds and Date at the 3 o’clock Position
  • Water resistant to 99 feet (30 M): withstands rain and splashes of water, but not showering or submersion
 A scratch-resistant-sapphire window protects the textured silver dial -dashboard hour markers, slim minute markers, and Arabic numeral indexes -minute intervals. The dial includes a date calendar at electric blue and three o’clock watch hands. Featuring Swiss-automatic movement, the watch is water resistant to 99 feet (30 M).